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Broome County Roller Derby

RIP 2020 Game Season

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 derby season is totally up in the air!

Given this current state, we’re putting on a 1-month fundraiser for these commemorative t-shirts that go towards supporting B.C. Rollers.

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CANCELLED May 16 – Spring Sting Tournament (Ice House, Binghamton, NY)

CANCELLED May 30 – Misfits (Ice House, Binghamton, NY)

CANCELLED June 6 – Firestorm (Ice House, Binghamton, NY)

July 11 – Away @ Suburbia Roller Derby (Yonkers, New York )

August 1 – Away @ Cape Cod Roller Derby ( West Barnstable, MA)

August 29 – Away @ Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens

Sept 19 – Away @ Mid-Hudson Misfits Roller Derby

October 3 – Away @ Schuylkill Valley Scream Queens

Roller Derby Academy Starts Now!

Where: Skate Estate

When: Every Sunday from December – January

Cost: First time free, every time after $10 or $60 for the full program

Roller Derby Academy teaches, well, roller derby basics, which include skating stride, stops, falls, crossovers, transitions, backwards skating, and jumping!

This 12-week program will help prepare skaters for the minimum skills test and full contact on the track. All ages, genders, and ability levels are welcome, no experience necessary! We also have some loaner gear available!

Roller Derby Academy is $10 per practice, or $60 for the full 12 weeks.

Visit our first practice free at Skate Estate at 6PM.

About the B.C. Rollers

The B.C. Rollers are Binghamton’s first and only flat-track roller derby league. Operating in Binghamton, NY for  Welcoming all genders and ages 13 and up to join and learn about this dynamic and unique sport. Practice is every Sunday at Skate Estate, 3401 Vestal Road, Vestal, New York 13850 from 6PM – 8PM.

About Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a contact sport played within the boundaries of an oval-shaped flat-track. Points can be scored by one person on each team, known as the Jammer (signified by the star worn on their helmet). The object of the game is for a team to get their Jammer past the opposing team, while simultaneously blocking the opposing team’s Jammer. For each person on the opposing side a Jammer passes, they score points. Once the Jammer get through, they must lap around the oval track and pass the opposing team again. 

Upcoming 2019 Games

Where are the Parlor City Tricks playing this season? Well, we have a roster full of tournaments, and home and away games this season.

May 4Spring Sting Tournament @ SUNY Broome Ice Center

Player sign-ups are available, here.

May 18Misfits v. Binghamton’s Parlor City Tricks @ SUNY Broom Ice Center

June 22Ladies’ Death and Derby Society (Away)
4 Mill St, New Hartford, NY

July 28Hill City Rollers (Away)
Interskate 88, 5185 NY-23, Oneonta, NY

Augu 24Susquehanna Valley Derby Dolls (Away)
Sunbury Ice Rink and Community Center at 249 Memorial Drive, Sunbury, PA

Sept 7Misfits (Away)
Skate Time 209, 5164 US Highway 209, Accord, NY

Octo 13 Firestorm (Away)

If you’re interested in joining the BC Roller League as a player, volunteer, or ref, email us at

We practice every Thursday and Sunday.